Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was a professional hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs for 14 years. I injured a disc in my lower back and was unable to perform many of my daily activities. I received immediate pain relief from Dr. Sclabassi and receive regular care to maintain my health. I think chiropractic would even help the average person with no pain or problems to remain that way."

- Dave F.

"I started seeing Dr. Gary for extreme neck and shoulder pain. After a few weeks I felt phenomenal! No pain or discomfort, more mobility, fewer headaches and better concentration. I played 18 holes of golf for the first time in 10 years with no pain. I even shaved 10 strokes off my game!"

- Chad T.

"I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my legs due to several bulging discs and was told I needed surgery. Now I am pain free and have been able to keep working as a postal employee!"

- Bob F.

"I had chronic headaches for the past 15 years. I began care with Dr. Gary and I now realized the headaches are almost completely gone! I was taking pain medication for almost everyday for the past 10 years and have not taken any for the last several months! Thanks Dr. Gary!"

- Melinda J.

"I started seeing Dr. Gary after recovering from a lumbar fracture at L2. After my first visit I felt immediate relief, and after a year I have received long term help! With Dr. Gary's strength, stretching and balance exercise program i have been pain free for at least three years. Thanks for being pain free!"

- Paula S.

"Living with back pain for so long, I thought it would be with me forever. I went and saw Dr. Gary after some friends told me they didn't suffer from pain anymore. I'm so glad I did! My back pain was pain free immediately after my first visit! Thanks for making me a healthier person, I feel wonderful!"

- Janet W.

"I started seeing Dr. Gary for neck pain and scoliosis after being referred by my doctor. Coming to see Dr. Gary was my only option left other than surgery. Within a few weeks, I was feeling results! My walking and sitting have improved greatly and I don't have shooting pains in my legs anymore! I am going to become a lifetime member of Dr. Gary, just like Weight Watchers!"

- Carol W.

"Over the summer, I suddenly began having back and leg pain. After seeing 3 different doctors and doing 2 months of physical therapy there was no relief. My sister referred me to Dr. Gary, who suspected right away that I had herniated discs. His staff got me an appointment for an MRI which confirmed his suspicions. Dr. Gary decided that I was a candidate for decompression therapy, and after 4 weeks I am pain free and feel great!"

- Patty M.

"When I first came to Oakland Chiropractic I was having pain in my lower back with burning and tingling in my feet, and just a general discomfort in my body. I started to notice improvement of my condition within the first two weeks!! It's been nearly two months since I began therapy and most of my pain is gone. I am now able to workout again, which before treatment the pain was too intense to exercise. I am very confident in my doctor and staff."

- Jarvis P.


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